5 Perks of Using Your Local Library

The reviewers at Foghorn LOVE our local library, and we think you should too!

We know, it can be difficult sometimes to choose the library over adding a pretty, new book to our own collection.
BUT, there are more perks to using your local library than loaning out books for free.
  1. Ebooks and audiobooks. Have you heard of the Libby App? You can download an app, connect it to your library account and access thousands of audiobooks and ebooks. You don’t even have to leave your cozy couch!
  2. Enough space to meet. This is perfect for hosting book clubs, knitting nights and other group events you need the space for.
  3. Events galore. From storytime and book bingo to author readings and writing workshops, the local libraries are always a great resource for educational and fun events.
  4. Free movie rentals. It’s like a free Redbox, as long as you request the new releases before anyone else.
  5. Book clubs in a bag. Ever want to read the same book at the same time as your friends? Libraries usually only carry 1-2 copies of any same title but ask if your local library offers this option for your book club. Free books for everyone!
And of course, we can’t not mention the free book rentals!
When I find myself unsure of if I’ll love the book or not, I’ll opt for a library checkout. That way, there are no hard feelings when I just can’t get through chapter two.
Now, go get yourself a library card and enjoy the many perks of supporting your community AND your local library.
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